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make me choose: anonymous asked dbsk mirotic or dbsk wrong number

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tvxq + colors →   j a p a n e s e    m v s     h a v e    c o l o r s    v e r s i o n

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photos from jyj’s concert in saigon ♥


I took both videos and photos (nobody stopped us at all thankfully!), but the pictures are mostly chun-focused, because Junsu and Jaejoong just couldn’t stop moving HAHAHA. More under the cut! (also, I’m nowhere even remotely near to the standard of goddess jinroee, goddess cong or goddess chubee, so please don’t expect too much LOLOL)


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140830 JYJ concert “The Return Of The King” in Vietnam cr.nui13  part3

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JYJ Interview


  • 50% talking about food
  • 50% trolling Junsu


chun gets trolling su in another language down